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Gael García Bernal and water privatization in Bolivia


What more could one ask for in a film?

Gael García Bernal featured in a Spanish-made drama about the battles of water privatization in Bolivia – not much is left to desire for two hours of your attention.

After watching the trailer for También la lluvia (Even the Rain), I was experiencing Andean and Iberian nostalgia galore, dreamily remembering bus rides through the Ecuadorian mountains and hearing Spanish accents in Madrid.  After further browsing of the movie’s website,  I found a Milan Kundera quote in the synopsis of the film. I wondered how this movie could appeal to me any bit more.  The screenplay was written by Paul Laverty, the film was directed by Iciar Bollain, and my expectations were thouroughly exceeded upon viewing at the Landmark theater. I highly recommend catching this film wherever you can.