20th Annual Buy Nothing Day and Holiday Fair Trade

In its twentieth year of Black Friday anti-activity, Buy Nothing Day is teaming up with #Occupywallstreeet to create #Occupyxmas.  The idea of Buy Nothing Day is to opt out of the Black Friday shopping frenzy that benefits large corporations and to instead refrain from all consumer activities, to literally not buy anything for 24 hours.

However, the ability of some folks to live their lives and support their families depends on other people shopping.  For example, some fair trade artisans rely on foreign consumers to buy their hand made items in order to put food on the table and send their children to school.  If you’d like to purchase fair trade gifts for Christmas, Hanukah, and any other gift giving occasion this year, come to the Waldorf Holiday Fair, on December 3rd. http://www.cuentosfoundation.org/events.html

December 3, 2011
9 am – 5 pm
The Chicago Waldorf School
1300 West Loyola Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626

Chicago Waldorf Holiday Fair
Vendor Marketplace – unique holiday gifts and treasures
More information Contact Cuentos: 773 412 9838

The Saturday after Thanksgiving will also see alternative holiday shopping activities around the country: Small Business Saturday, a chance to support a local business.  A friend posted the following on Facebook in Colombia:

“Propongámonos comprar todos nuestros regalos de Navidad a través de emprendedores: La amiga que hace postres, la vecina que vende por catálogo, el artesano que hace aros, la amiga que vende por internet, el amigo que tiene su taller en casa. Hágamos que nuestro dinero llegue a personas comunes y no a grandes multinacionales y así, más personas tendrán una Feliz Navidad.

“We’re proposing to buy our own gifts this Christmas instead of buying from businesses: the friend that makes posters, the neighbor that sells by catalog, the artisan who makes rings, the friend that sells on the internet, the friend who has a workshop in his house.  Let’s have our money get to people we know and not to big multinational companies, and this way more people will have a Merry Christmas.”

It’s something to think about.

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