The Beehive Collective returns to Chicago, and Radios Populares return from Nicaragua!

Colectivo la Colmena(Beehive Collective) will be at Centro Autónomo, 3640 W. Lawrence Ave, on Friday, March 18th at 6:30pm, to present Free Trade and stories of global resistance to corporate colonialism. If you have not yet been awed by a narrative tour of the Beehive Collective’s work, you should definitely make it up to Albany Park next Friday to check them out. Centro Autónomo also urges you to come participate!

Last fall I had the pleasure of once again seeing the Beehive Collective at their presentation of  “The True Cost of Coal” at the Little Village Community Center. I saw there the original mural-sized poster illustrate the Appalachian mountains’ flora and fauna, the effects of mountaintop removal coal mining and the struggles against it, and a smaller version of the poster depicting all that now happily hangs in my apartment.

And after the picture lecture is the after party! Join Radios Populares, a Chicago-based collective that collaborates with communities struggling for social justice to build low-power FM community radio stations, for their Report Back from Mulukuku, Nicaragua at 1430 W. Leland 7:30 – 11:30.  Enjoy food and beverages (for a donation), video from their recent visit, interview with Gretel from Maria Luisa Ortiz, and information and dates on their Spring Making Waves Workshops. In the words of Radios Populares:

Radios Populares recently took a follow-up visit to Radio Mulukuku which is managed by the Maria Luisa Ortiz Cooperative and Women’s Health Center. This cooperative was founded by a group of women working together to rebuild their communities after they were destroyed by Hurricane Joan in 1988. In 1991, the cooperative established the Women’s Health Center, which now provides medical care for a population of 30,000 inhabitants, in Mulukukú and the surrounding areas. Other projects of the cooperative include literacy classes, preschools, reforestation, and programs in nutrition, prevention of family violence, and midwifery.
The cooperative, in collaboration with Radios Populares in 2004, began a radio station to disseminate their work around women’s health and wellness to the community of Mulukuku, Nicaragua.
Their radio station is being used primarily for education, and will play a central role in the development of their community. Currently, they are on the air 7 days a week and have boosted their power to 300 watts. They reach a radius of up to 20-30 miles.

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